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Sports World

Sports World is the vision of FlowPlay, a social gaming company based in Seattle, Washington. After creating an entirely new category of social games with the introduction of OurWorld and Vegas World, FlowPlay is bringing its hypersocial technology to Sports.


Launching in late 2019, Sports World will bring traditional fantasy sports games into an environment which encourages conversation and interaction with sports fans from all over the world. Many products give fans the ability to test their intuition on sports outcomes but no one else makes it massively multiplayer. 


Sports World games


Make win/loss and over/under virtual bets on every major professional and college sporting event. Players are matched against each other to see who has the highest accuracy ratio and are rewarded with virtual currency and greater status in a virtual world.



Our latest social sports game, Ready Set Bet, puts fans in the middle of a live major sporting event. As play unfolds they have the chance to wager on up to the minute in-game events against other players from around the world. Results are tracked on the leaderboard and chat allows everyone in the room to taunt the losers and congratulate the winners.


Each Dynasty match is an electrifying, head-to-head game of NFL football on the gridiron! Created for Fantasy Football and CCG fans alike, Dynasty combines the real-world stats and player drafting of Fantasy Football with the exciting gameplay and strategy of video games!

Other games include Daily Fantasy and traditional Season-long Fantasy games.


“With millions of fantasy sports players, and more than one-third of the US population classifying themselves as casual gamers…the market opportunity is significant.” 

- Gaming Intelligence on FlowPlay

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FlowPlay was established in 2007 with the goal of creating affinity groups of gamers in virtual worlds where the focus is on play in a highly social environment. OurWorld, a teen virtual world was launched in 2008 and 11 years later brings hundreds of thousands of teenagers together every month in a virtual world with over 300 games to play. In 2012, FlowPlay launched VegasWorld, a Las Vegas style virtual world. Players can select from over 100 Vegas style games, go to nightclubs, swimming pools or have a party with their friends in their private suite. Over 65,000 players have gotten married in the Vegas World Wedding Chapel. 



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